Tender Claws - 3D Modelers and Sounder Designers (Full Time & Internships)


Tender Claws is an award winning art studio working at the intersection of art and games. They are seeking one or two talented team members with a strong portfolio that showcases their skills as a 3D modeler or a Sound Designer. For Modeling, Tender Claws is looking for people that have experience working in Unity creating assets for games. They are a small team, so they're especially looking for self-motivated individuals with a strong work ethic and creative interests that fit their studio culture.

Tender Claws is looking to hire for a 3 month long position on a VR game for Daydream VR focused on art/story/game Virtual, Virtual Reality. They will also consider exceptional candidates not based in LA.



  • Be able to quickly create game ready 3D models for mobile VR (low polygon count)
  • Experience with Unity 3D.
  • Animation and rigging skills a plus.  



  • Be able to record, compose, or edit specific sound effects
  • experience with foley sound a plus
  • Also ability to compose, generate ambient soundscapes


How to apply:

Please send the following to info@tenderclaws.com

Subject: Tender Claws New Hire


1. Portfolio or links to projects.

2. Resume/CV.

3. Short intro email that states skills, experience, and interest.