Defrost VR - Internships

Company description:

Randal Kleiser Productions is a feature film and Virtual Reality company headed by Randal Kleiser, director of such hit films as Grease, The Blue Lagoon, White Fang, Flight of the Navigator, the critically acclaimed It’s My Party, and the VR Series, Defrost.


Job description:

- Student will work in the post-production of the VR series Defrost. 

This is an unpaid internship for 1-5 days a week.  Students will work for credit/experience. 



Seeking for for editors, visual effects artists, VFX compositors, sound mixers and sound designers. 

Interest in virtual reality is a must. 

Student must have one or more of the following requirements:

Proficiency in Adobe Premiere. 

Proficiency in Adobe After Effects and/or Nuke.

Proficiency in ProTools or other sound mixing software.