Welcome Fall 2016 Executive Board!

VRSC President Jyotsna Kadimi and Vice President Ilia Labkovsky have finalized restructuring and new appointments to the VRSC Executive Board. Please check the Executive Board Page for a complete listing.

We are pleased to welcome our new Executive Board Members:

Greg Feingold - Secretary

Matt Stern - Entrepreneurship Consultant

Allison Comrie - Director of Communications

Alison Malamud - Director of Digital Media

Melody Jiang - Director of Public Outreach

Martha Monica - Events Committee

Malone Lumarda - Events Committee

Lucky Ghuman - Events Committee

VRSC Summer 2016 Update

It's been a very busy summer for VRSC as we've been heavily involved with the VR industry in Los Angeles. Here are some highlights:

E3 USC Student VR Projects
Some of the most exciting exhibits at E3 were the student VR demos given by some of our very own USC students. Inner Activity stole the show with an especially polished VR experience

UploadVR E3 Party
VRSC was a sponsor for UploadVR's awesome E3 event. An HTC Vive-using DJ lit up ExchangeLA's dance floor as Nokia, Hulu and others displayed their new VR offerings. 

USC Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) Industry Leaders Meeting
The Chief Technical Officers (CTO's) of the top Los Angeles film studios met at ETC to discuss the future of entertainment. VRSC was on hand to participate in the discussion and provide student demos. 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Sony Picture Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios, and Universal Pictures were represented.

Viterbi GamePipe Lab Anniversary Exhibition
VRSC was present to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our home base, the Viterbi GamePipe Lab. Student VR demos were situated all over the lab as the program's impressive students and graduates experimented with the content. Viterbi Dean Yannis Yortsos was on hand to congratulate the program.

VRLA Summer Expo 2016
The largest VR/AR exposition in the world is back again for VRLA Summer Expo 2016 and VRSC is will be an official partner with a booth at the event. Stop by to learn about VRSC's plans for the upcoming school year and to demo some amazing student projects.

2016 VRSC Festival Winners

Disney Prize Winners
Immersive Technology/AR
1st: Sagar Ramesh & Ashok Kuruvilla "Sandbox VR"
2nd: Anshul Pendse "Inner Activity"
3rd: John Francis "Fraice"

Interactive VR Games
1st: Steve Cha & Natalie Gravier "Squawk!"
2nd: UCSD VR Club
3rd: Miranda Due "Nurature"

360 Animation
1st: Cecilia Sweet-Coll "Anicca"
2nd: Robin Cho "Vancouver, December 2015"
3rd: Lindsey Townley "Children of the Moon"

360 Live Action
1st: Sam Wickert "Channel Surfer"
2nd: Jerry Hoffman "Celine"
3rd: Noah Yoseloff "Lions & Deer"

NVIDIA Best in Show Winners
Grand Prize: Jyotsna Kadimi "Jyo Rahi!"
Platinum: Anshul Pense "Inner Activity"
Gold: Sagar Ramesh & Ashok Kuruvilla "Sandbox VR"
Silver: Steve Cha & Natalie Gravier "Squawk!"